Board of Advisors

Michael James Jackson, Lead Strategic Advisor Michael James Jackson has been a successful entertainment executive and corporate consultant for over 25 years. As an award-winning record producer and music supervisor for film. Jackson's production work earned him seven gold and five platinum record awards. Jackson also conceived and produced the highly successful Off the Record table book honoring 25 of the world's most celebrated songs which won the American Graphic Design Award in 2003. As a co-founder of the entertainment-based company Manuscript Originals, founded with Graham Nash and several other music business professionals, Jackson served as the company's President for 13 years. Mr. Jackson serves as the head of the Fanfare Advisory Board.

Rupert Perry, C.B.E. Rupert Perry was formerly the Chairman of EMI U.K., the President of EMI Europe, and served as a Senior Vice President for EMI Worldwide. Additionally, Mr. Perry also served as Chairman of the U.K. Music Trade Association of British Phonographic Industries, and later, the Chairman of the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (BPI).

Joe Patterson Joe Patterson led a highly successful career for over 20 years at Hallmark as the Senior Director of Corporate Development in Hallmark's head offices in Kansas City. Mr. Patterson also served as the Deputy Managing Director for Hallmark in Continental Europe while based in the Netherlands, and as the Managing Director for Hallmark in the Far East after creating Hallmark's Asian divisions while based in Hong Kong. Mr. Patterson currently acts as liaison and consultant for U.S. clients seeking manufacturing opportunities in the Far East.

Scott Brisbin Scott Brisbin has served as a successful legal counsel for over 25 years managing legal and business affairs for such prominent multinational and prestigious clients as The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards individually, Disney Records, A&M Records, MGM Pictures, New York Shanghai Management Co. Ltd (China), Sports and Entertainment Asia Limited (China), China Ladies Professional Golf Association (China), among many others.